Case Study



Inflection Point
BBJ created an industry in the 80s by elevating the role of event table linens to an art form. Today, the company’s competitors have copied its innovative ideas and competitive advantages making it difficult for BBJ to differentiate and grow revenue. To realize continued success, BBJ must address existing marketing strategies and update its brand position.

Ogee Platform Solution
TMG strategists determined that BBJ had become positioned as a commodity within a highly creative industry. By sharing knowledge accrued over decades as a renowned trendsetter and ideamaker, BBJ was uniquely able to differentiate through engaging dialogues about its fabric expertise, performance reliability, and collaborative approach.

An inclusive brand-aligned launch program was developed to link marketing and sales initiatives. Designed to reach prospects and current clients wherever they are in their decision-making processes, the effort uses integrated channels to deliver BBJ’s most relevant knowledge and information when and where it is most needed. Featured in the brand launch were:

  • Website redesign
  • Visual identity refinement of sub-brands and color palette
  • Templates for digital and print communications
  • Sales collateral
  • Social media strategies
  • Truck design
  • Video series