Case Study

Executive Construction


Inflection Point
Despite continued growth, Executive Construction was aware of encroaching competitors with savvy marketing strategies. Leadership knew a disconnect existed between the level of the company’s services and existing messaging. An inconsistent and outdated visual system added to the confusion. To remain relevant in its market, Executive Construction’s brand strategy had to be updated.

Ogee Platform Solution
TMG developed a marketing program anchored in an authentic brand promise linking Executive Construction’s highly ethical approach to business with its esteemed level of services and point of view. The call-to-action, Make an Executive Decision, provided renewed context for the firm’s name and spearheaded a collateral program that included:

  • Logo and Identity System
  • Website
  • Sales Collateral
  • Digital Outreach Tactics
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Video Talking Points
  • Signage (office and site)
  • Field Apparel

Executive Construction is well positioned to penetrate new markets and take advantage of growth opportunities. With the brand’s recent launch, the company is now able to speak in a consistent voice and clearly communicate primary differentiators across all media and digital/social channels.